Fond Du Lac Reservation Begins Major Broadband Project

The Project is Scheduled to Finish Next Fall

FOND DU LAC RESERVATION, Minn.- Many of the homes on the Fond Du Lac Reservation have low to no internet access, but the Fiber to the Home Project aims to change all of that.

The band received two $3 million grants from the United States Department of Agriculture and the Fond Du Lac Band matched $2.2 million for the project to provide internet access to undeserved areas on the reservation.

“For some people that even means they can’t get access to… they have dial up,” explains Jamie Adams, the Economic Development Planner for the Fond Du Lac Band.

The process will include building 160 miles of main line fiber, and 78 miles of connections to homes. The project will bring high-speed internet to 1,000 homes on the reservation, and hopefully open up many new opportunities for the residents.

“It’s going to be able to help people with home healthcare, safety, economic development, or simply watching Netflix or playing a game,” said Jason Hollinday , the Planning Director for the Band.

The goal is to complete the project by next fall.