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Fargo Officer Shot, Not Expected to Survive

A North Dakota Police Officer shot in the line of duty is not expected to survive. 

Hastings Man Dies in Snowmobile Accident

A Hastings, Minnesota man has died from a injuries sustained in a snowmobiling crash.

St Luke s Hold Craft Sale For Good Cause

Downtown Duluth Hospital Hosts Fundraiser

The lobby at St. Luke’s looked a little bit like a store in the mall Wednesday.

Medallion Hunt Is Over

Winterfest 2016 Medallion Is Found!

Red Rock Radio’s Winterfest 2016 Medallion Hunt is over! The 3-inch clear acrylic disc was found Wednesday around 11:22 a.m. in Norton Park in Duluth by Bob Thornton, 38, of Esko.

Two Feet of Snow Covers Northern WI and MI

Two Feet of Snow Covers Ironwood, Hurley

With snow coming over the last few days, residents in Ironwood, Mich., and Hurley, Wis., are pulling out all the stops.

Snowball Cancer

Snowmobilers Prepare For Annual 'Snowball Cancer Ride'

Snowmobilers are preparing to embark on a 500-mile journey -- all while raising money to combat the deadly disease of cancer.

Remembering Leo

Dog Killed By Wolf Near Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is a piece of Duluth that merges wildlife with city, but this normally peaceful place turned fatal Tuesday for a local dog owner. 

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