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Rip Currents

New Rip Current Technology Hitting Park Point

Duluth's Park Point is about to become the first camera system on Lake Superior to detect deadly rip current, as FOX 21’s Dan Hanger reports.


Weekly Zumba Dance-A-Long Class Comes to Duluth

One of the first Zumba instructors who brought the exercise to Duluth has started a new workout class called Fit to Go Dance–A–Long Tuesdays.

Paper Hog Inc Buys Duluth Ruling and Binding

Paper Hog, Inc. to Offer New Services

A well-known paper company in Duluth has acquired a century old business.

Duluth Police Search for Shooting Suspect

Duluth police are on the scene of a shooting.

Great Outdoors Pieces of Nature Create Picture-Perfect Land

MN Senator Creates Unique Front Lawn Display

It might surprise you to know a well-known Minnesota Senator is creating art on the North Shore, that’s literally stopping people in their tracks.

Stink In

Farms Not Factories to Hold 'Stink In' for Proposed Hog Farm

Wednesday night the heated debate over a proposed hog farm just miles from Lake Superior continues at the Bandshell in Ashland.

Focus of Health

The Key to Good Digestive Health

When your digestive tract isn't working properly, it can make your whole body feel off.

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