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Clowns Trying to Lure Children into the Woods

A neighborhood in South Carolina is reporting that people dressed as clowns have been seen trying to lure children into the woods.

University of Wisconsin Nation's Top Party School...Again

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is once again the nation's top party school, the last time it received the vote was back in 2005.

Michigan Driver Charged in I-35 Fatal Crash

The latest on the crash in Blaine on I-35W that killed two Michigan firefighters who were on their way to a Utah wildfire.

DOC Recognizes FeraDyne Outdoors for Leadership in Hiring Work Release Inmates

Since June 2013, FeraDyne Outdoors, has hired 54 inmates from the Gordon Correctional Center's work release program, which includes 15 current participants.

Feingold Will Oppose 'Unfair Labor Deals'

Democratic Senate candidate Russ Feingold is telling Wisconsin unions he will oppose "lousy unfair labor deals" and vote against the Trans Pacific Partnership if elected.

Orlando Theme Parks Hand Out Free Bug Spray

Orlando's major theme parks are now offering free bug repellent to visitors, as concerns about mosquito-transmitted Zika virus mount in Florida.

Drug Overdose Spikes Finally Begin to Slow in Ohio

Emergency rooms reported 174 drug overdose cases over six days, for an average of 29 per day.

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