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Mobile Home Park to Stay Open

Residents Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief After Agreement is Reached

A sigh of relief tonight for many residents at the Downtown Mobile Home Park in Superior.

Rice Lake Cleans Up

Community Members Continue to Clean Up Rice Lake

Hundreds of Trees were lost or damaged by the storm that swept through earlier this week, and community members are left to clean up what’s left.

Local Business Power Outage Impact

Local Businesses are Heating Up

Some local businesses are seeing a rise in customers due to power outages across the city.

DTA Offering Free Rides to Cooling Stations

DTA Offers Free Rides to Beat the Heat

If anyone needs some relief from all the heat, the Duluth Transit Authority is offering the coolest ride in town. They're offering free rides to the DECC which is open to those who are seeking air conditioning.

Storm Clean Up Efforts

Main Roadways in Duluth Have Been Cleared

After the big storms, the Duluth Fire Department has reported all the main roadways have been cleared and crews are busily working to clear side streets.

(img1)vidFood Waste Locations

WLSSD Food Waste and Yard Waste Disposal

Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD) urges residents to utilize food waste drop sites for prompt disposal of spoiled contents from refrigerators and freezers during this extended power outage.

Minnesota Power Outage Update

Progress Towards Power Restoration

Reinforcements from Missouri will join Minnesota Power line crews this afternoon as the company continues to make progress in restoring power to customers following Thursday morning's severe storms.

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