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Opportunity Gap

Duluth Organizations Work to Close 'Opportunity Gap'

9 nonprofit groups and 1 government agency received 1.5 million dollars in grants to help children and families in poverty close the “opportunity gap."

New school Semester for UMD

Fall Semester Starts at UMD

Thousands of students are back in Duluth and hitting the books, for the first day of Fall Semester at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

new drone regulations

Commercial Drone Operators See New Regulations

Drone pilots should be aware. New regulations will be in place for operating commercial drones, starting Monday.

Magnetation Announces Potential Shut Down of Facilities

Magnetation Announces Potential Shutdown of Minnesota Facilities

Magnetation LLC announced Friday that it may implement a shutdown of its Minnesota iron ore concentrate plant, rail loading facility and Pellet Plant located in Reynolds, Indiana. If implemented, a shutdown would occur on or after September 30,2016.

Clowns Trying to Lure Children into the Woods

A neighborhood in South Carolina is reporting that people dressed as clowns have been seen trying to lure children into the woods.

University of Wisconsin Nation's Top Party School...Again

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is once again the nation's top party school, the last time it received the vote was back in 2005.

Michigan Driver Charged in I-35 Fatal Crash

The latest on the crash in Blaine on I-35W that killed two Michigan firefighters who were on their way to a Utah wildfire.

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