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Northland Uncovered Limnology Lab

Northland Uncovered: Limnology Lab

White fish and trout are important to Lake Superior and in the late 1800s the U.S. Government made a move to ensure their population growth.

Colorado Couple Wanted in Connection to Baby's Death Caught in Minnesota

The mother facing charges in the death of her infant daughter in western Colorado allegedly said her husband attacked the fussy baby as she listened from another room but she didn't stop him.

Man Hits Moose in Northern Minnesota

An Eveleth man has been injured after striking a moose.

Minnesota Ruffed Grouse Counts Similar to Last Year

A survey by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources finds ruffed grouse drumming counts this spring unchanged from the year before.

Kestrel s Expansion Plans In Superior Not Certain

Kestrel's Expansion Plans In Superior Uncertain

Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen told FOX 21’s Dan Hanger Monday there’s a very real possibility Kestrel Aircraft won’t be expanding into Superior and creating 600 jobs.

Bent Paddle Brewing Co Explains Delay on Sunday Sales

Duluth Brewery Delays Sunday Sales

Breweries in Duluth have been able to sell 64-ounce growlers to customers on Sundays for a few weeks now, but one brewery hasn’t joined in on the action just yet.

Veterans, Volunteers Restore Historic Greenhouse

The Forest Service has partnered with Veterans HistoriCorps and the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs to help vets gain skill in construction and carpentry while re-purposing historic buildings. 

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