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President Obama Apologizes to Doctors Without Borders for Deadly Airstrike

President Barack Obama has issued an apology to Doctors Without Borders following a deadly airstrike at one of the organizations hospitals in Afghanistan over the weekend.

Grand Rapids Man Pleads Guilty to Intent to Sell Methamphetamine

A Grand Rapids man has pleaded guilty to one felony count of controlled substance crime in the first degree

Coast Guard Rescues Two, Dog near Apostle Islands

A rescue was caught on camera by the U.S. Coast Guard Tuesday night as a sailboat was taking on water and being pushed around by winds near the Apostle Islands.

Fall Kinky Cocktails

KINKY Liqueur Gives Recipes for New Products

Recipes for fall KINKY drinks. 

Quarantine Duluth

Zombies to Invade Duluth this Weekend

Zombies will be in the Northland this weekend. 

Harrowing Rescue near Split Rock Lighthouse captured on camera

Dramatic footage as a woman was rescued via helicopter after falling near Split Rock Lighthouse on Monday. 

Bayfield Police Investigating Apple Fest Theft Incidents

Two suspects are being held in connection to multiple theft incidents in Bayfield over Apple Fest weekend .

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