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Thousands of turkeys flown to US troops stationed overseas

U.S. troops in Afghanistan enjoyed feasts of turkey and stuffing Thursday on what will be the last Thanksgiving in the combat zone for many service members, while Americans at home reveled in the holiday at New York’s Macy’s parade.

Mosul residents: ISIS cuts phone lines in Iraq city

Militants from the Islamic State group blocked all mobile phone networks in the largest Iraqi city they control, Mosul, accusing informants in the city of tipping off coalition forces to their whereabouts, residents told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Protests dwindle in Ferguson, heat up in California

The throngs of protesters who overran Ferguson after the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case dwindled to just a few small groups as people began cleaning up this battered community and seeking something closer to a normal routine.

Global jihadists tweet in bid to recruit Ferguson protesters

Islamic jihadists worldwide have launched a barrage of recruitment messages amid the latest unrest in Ferguson, Mo., using Twitter accounts to call on African-Americans and others in the United States to join their cause.