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‘Unemployed’ man in Dem attack ad is actually employed

The Democratic Governors Association has again run into trouble with one of the ads it is funding, this time using a picture of a man employed by a company that has praised Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage to represent one of the state’s unemployed.

Obama acknowledges setbacks in ISIS fight

President Obama acknowledged setbacks Tuesday in the war against the Islamic State, to the backdrop of fierce fighting for control of a Syrian border town and fresh concerns over Turkey’s cooperation.

Pink's daughter Willow curses at 3 years old

Singer Pink is no stranger to using the F word in her lyrics.Look no further than the unclean version of her song, "Perfect," in which she says, "You're f**ing perfect to me."

McConnell, Grimes focus on jobs, coal, Obama in heated Kentucky Senate debate

The first-and-only Kentucky Senate debate this season sparked fireworks Monday, with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell charging that Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes intends to further President Obama's agenda and Grimes accusing the five-term incumbent of being a selfish Washington insider.