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Judge rules Ten Commandments monument must go

A federal judge on Thursday ruled that a New Mexico city must remove a monument inscribed with the Ten Commandments from the lawn in front of Bloomfield City Hall.

Pretty stars who go gritty on film

While makeup artists and stylists are usually there to make stars look their best, sometimes roles call for their worst.

Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq, says 'America is coming to help'

Declaring that "America is coming to help," President Obama announced Thursday night in a televised address that he has authorized the U.S. military to conduct airstrikes "if necessary" against Islamist militants in Iraq, and the military has conducted a mission to drop humanitarian aid there to help religious minorities stranded amid the violence.

US military launches airstrikes on terror targets in Iraq

U.S. fighter jets launched a “targeted” airstrike on Friday against Islamic militants in Iraq, just hours after President Obama authorized military action to protect U.S. personnel and Iraqi civilians.

Dig this: Ancient bones found in Wyoming cave

Paleontologists are wrapping up their first excavation in 30 years inside a bizarre cave in northern Wyoming thought to hold the remains of tens of thousands of ancient animals.