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9,000-year-old man yields secrets of America's earliest inhabitants

Eighteen years after his near-complete skeletal remains were found along the bank of the Columbia River in eastern Washington, Kennewick Man is finally telling his 9,000-year-old story -- and reshaping our knowledge of how North America was first populated by humans.

Marijuana meddle: UN official rips US states over legal pot policies

A Russian diplomat who heads the United Nations’ drug policy office reportedly chided U.S. states for legalizing recreational marijuana and vowed to take up his concerns with officials in Washington -- in the latest incident of a U.N. official meddling in local U.S. affairs.

Border Patrol agents say agency’s gun recall puts them in danger

Border Patrol officials have pulled thousands of rifles from field agents in a large-scale effort to refurbish the weaponry, prompting the rank-and-file to complain that they've been left with the dangerous options of sharing guns or being disarmed altogether.