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G-20 leaders reveal plan to boost world economy by $2T over next five years

Under pressure to jolt the stubbornly lethargic world economy back to life, leaders of G-20 nations on Sunday finalized a plan to boost global GDP by more than $2 trillion over five years by investing in infrastructure and increasing trade. The fanfare, however, was overshadowed by tensions between Russian president Vladimir Putin and Western leaders.

Christie's fondness for engaging audiences attracts hecklers, others seeking headlines

New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie has forged a reputation as an imposing lawmaker who can get the job done by sheer will and force. But his confrontational style also poses a liability should he make a 2016 White House bid -- attracting hecklers, political rivals and others intent on disrupting his message to spotlight their own.   

US nuclear trouble comes full circle, to North Dakota missile and bomber base where it began

The trouble began here, trouble that has torn at the core of the nuclear Air Force and compelled two of the last three secretaries of defense — first Robert Gates and now Chuck Hagel — to ask: Who is minding the store? Minot Air Force Base has had its share, and then some, of bad publicity about nuclear weapons foul-ups, followed by hard questions from Washington about why it and other nuclear bases are caught in a recurring cycle of trouble and recovery.

Scientists waiting to re-connect with comet lander

Scientists will listen and wait for signals from the Philae lander Saturday, but they still think it is highly unlikely they will establish a connection with the probe any time soon, the head of the European comet mission said.

Canadian PM to Putin: 'Get out of Ukraine'

When Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with Russian President Vladimir Putin Saturday at the G-20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, Harper flatly told Putin “to get out of Ukraine.”