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Joe Perry: How a rock star stays married 32 years

In “Rocks: My Life In And Out Of Aerosmith” guitarist Joe Perry offers unusual candor about the two longest relationships in his life: with the band Aerosmith, and with his wife.

Missing California woman found in rundown Maine shack

An elderly Los Angeles woman whose neighbors believed had died was instead found in a rundown shack in Maine, where according to authorities an unrelated family took her after gaining her confidence and selling her house.

Can all US hospitals safely treat Ebola?

A breach of infection control resulting in a Dallas health worker getting Ebola raises fresh questions about whether hospitals truly can safely take care of people with the deadly virus, as health officials insist is possible.

CDC head criticized for blaming nurse's Ebola infection on 'protocol breach'

Some healthcare experts have criticized the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for saying that a "protocol breach" was responsible for the infection of a Dallas nurse with the Ebola virus, claming that the description scapegoats the nurse in a case that shows how unprepared nursing staffs are for dealing with a potential outbreak. 

Mechanical problem blamed for deadly Maine hayride crash

A mechanical problem caused a Jeep towing a wagon full of passengers to careen down a steep hill and slam into a tree during a Halloween-themed hayride in the woods, killing a teenager and injuring more than 20 other people, authorities said.

North Korea claims remains of US soldiers being 'carried away en masse'

North Korea said Monday that the remains of American soldiers killed during the Korean War were being neglected and "carried away en masse," in an apparent effort to pressure Washington to resume recovery efforts that could also lead to much-needed money for the impoverished country.

Despite demands, Syria no-fly zone a no-go for US

The Obama administration's promise to limit U.S. military engagement against Islamic State militants makes it difficult to accept Turkey's terms for joining the fight in neighboring Syria.