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John Wayne’s son carrying on father's legacy through cancer research

John Wayne remains one of the most iconic figures in American cinematic history – from a Civil War veteran in “The Searchers” to a U.S. marshal “True Grit” – his gun slinging, cowboy hat wearing and outspokenly conservative political persona was box office gold for several decades.

The roles that got away

Some of the most famous onscreen performances could have gone a totally different direction.

'Duck Dynasty' Jep Robertson on his near-death experience

Duck Dynasty's Jep Robertson says he is hard to kill.The 36-year-old reality star went on Twitter to talk about his near-death experience after suffering from a seizure while deer hunting this past Sunday.

He also posted this picture comparing himself to Steven Segal in the hospital.In a statement to Us Weekly, the family says, "Jep was rushed to the hospital and received immediate treatment.