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Stars who make us go 'eww'

Get a room!

Celebrity couples seem to forget the cameras are watching when the mood strikes. 

Ah, to be famous and in love. Here are some public displays of affection that we wish we hadn't seen. 



Egypt raises possiblity of restarting peace talks as Israeli soldier reported missing

Egypt's Foreign Minister raised the possibility of rebooting stalled peace talks between Israel and Hamas Tuesday as he and Secretary of State John Kerry made a new push for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli army confirmed that one of its soldiers was missing after a deadly battle earlier this week. 

Ted Nugent concert canceled at Native American casino

The Coeur d'Alene Tribe on Monday said that the cancellation of the concert at the casino in the northwest Idaho city of Worley was because of what it called the rocker's "racist and hate-filled remarks."

Judge tosses senator's ObamaCare lawsuit

A federal judge on Monday dismissed a U.S. senator's lawsuit challenging a requirement that congressional members and their staffs obtain government-subsidized health insurance through small business exchanges, saying the senator had no grounds to sue.