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  • Meteorological Data Is Examined To Determine The Weather Patterns For This Winter

    FOX Winter Outlook 2016

    Our winter season last year was quite abnormal. It all stemmed from the oceanic water temperatures.

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  • UMD Student Reaches For The Stars With NASA

    UMD Student Aims For The Stars With NASA

    The earth-shattering power of NASA is usually felt for most through one’s television. But for 21-year-old UMD student Kirsi Kuutti, the sky is the limit.

  • Narcan in the Northland: Life After a Miracle Dose

    Narcan in the Northland Life After A Miracle Dose

    An overdose antidote called a "miracle drug," Naloxone has saved countless lives this year alone in the Northland but many continue to die from addiction to opioids.

  • Special Report: Back in The Day Part Two

    A Company Town The Story of Silver Bay

    “When I was little on the farm, I didn’t know very many people because there wasn’t many people here. I lived here before Silver Bay even did,” said Jenny Hanson, a resident of Silver Bay.

  • DOC'S Sports Bar and Grill

    DOC S Sports Bar and Grill

    Duluth tourism is booming! With a booming tourist industry,  small businesses close to the area able to tap in to the millions of dollars traveling along interstate 35 year around.

    In this week’s knowing your neighbor, we take you to DOC’S, a Sports Bar in Sturgeon Lake, MN.

  • Special Report: The Story of Taconite Harbor Part One

    (img1)Special Report: Back in the Day Part 1

    If you take a trip up Highway 61 along the North Shore of Minnesota, history whispers in the waves.

  • Pokemon Go Craze Gets Players into Duluth Parks

    Pokemon Go In the Northland Part 1

    A certain smartphone game has captured the interest of all ages.

  • Tornado Devestation in Wisconsin

    Siren Tornado Part 2

    While we are in the midst of severe weather season we remember the tornado that struck the town of Siren, Wisconsin directly at its core.

  • Severe Weather Season is Upon Us

    Siren Tornado 15 Year Anniversary

    It was 15 years ago today when a large tornado tore through the small town of Siren, Wisconsin. It left  3 people dead and more than $10 million in damage. It's a day folks in Siren will never forget.

  • Ryan's Rustic Railings

    Northland Made 2

    Ryan's Rustic Railings started out pretty small fifteen years ago on a farm, but now those traveling on Highway 53 near Orr always have to stop and take a second look at the growing business.

  • Meteorologist Gino Recchia Searches for the Best Burger

    Ginos Hunt for the Best Burger Part 1

    Summer is right around the corner. For many that means prime burger season is nearby. Tonight we have a special report where FOX 21s Gino Recchia Travels across the Northland searching for the best burger around.

  • Meteorologist Gino Recchia Continues His Search for the Best Burger

    Gino Hunt for the Best Burgers Part 2

    Burgers are one of Americas more iconic foods. Earlier tonight we learned about raising the cattle to get that good quality beef and stopped by one of The Northlands favorite restaurants for some burger samples. Now we continue our search for the best burger around starting off literally in the middle of nowhere.

  • Supporting Young Moms Part 2

    Young Mothers

    The Poverty rate for Single-Mother Families as almost 40%, which is nearly 5 times more than a married couple, according to The National Women’s Law Center.

  • Special Report: Supporting Young Moms Part 1

    Special Report Resources Available for Young Mothers

    Every mother has her own story, but programs that help young mothers exist across the nation, including in the Northland.

  • Special Report: Squatching in the Northland

    Squatching in the Northland

    Members of the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team go deep into the forest searching for something big.

  • Marines: Preparing to Serve Part 5

    Marines Preparing to Serve Part 5

    Graduation from the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot San Diego is a time of celebration and many emotions.

  • Marines: Preparing to Serve Part 4

    Marines Preparing To Serve Part 4

    The road to becoming a United States Marine is no easy task, but the 54 hours right before the actual ceremony is a make it or break it moment for the young recruits.

  • Marines: Preparing to Serve Part 3

    Marines Preparing to Serve Part 3

    In part three of FOX 21's Natalie Froistad's special report, get a glimpse of real boot camp by meeting three Minnesota recruits and a senior drill instructor from Minneapolis.

  • Marines: Preparing to Serve Part 2

    Marines Team Up With Teachers Part 2

    Recruits at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego were once students in a high school classroom. Now, they're learning in a much different setting. 

  • Marines: Preparing to Serve Part 1

    (img1)Marines Preparing to Serve - Continued

    The United State Marine Corps annually hosts an Educators Workshop in San Diego, California to show teachers and administrators how becoming a Marine can change a life. 

  • Animal Answers- Pet Oxygen Masks

    Animal Answers- Pet Oxygen Masks

    The Invisible Fence Brand has been committed to saving the lives of pets since 1973. Within the last 5 years invisible fence has saved an estimated 10,000 pets from fires using pet oxygen masks. In this week's animal answers. We'll show you how they're saving lives right here in the Northland.

  • Coaching Changes Part 3 - Jen Walter

    Coaching Changes Part 3 - Jen Walter

    An early season workout for UMD Softball, and Head Coach Jen Walter is doing what she does best, teaching.

  • Coaching Changes Part 2 - Mandy Pearson

    Coaching Changes Part 2 - Mandy Pearson

    Early on a Thursday morning, while most students at the University of Minnesota Duluth are still sleeping, Mandy Pearson leads the Women's Basketball team through practice.   Though not over, her first season at UMD made a big impact on Pearson.

  • Coaching Changes Part 1 - Maura Crowell

    (img1)Coaching Changes Part 1 - Maura Crowell

    In February, as the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Women’s Hockey team continued battling for playoff position, head coach Maura Crowell, and her assistant Laura Bellamy, are looking even deeper into the future.

  • Motivated Athletes Part Three: Ash Altmann

    Motivated Athletes Ash Altmann

     Great players can fumble under the pressure of a big stage and Thursday night Duluth East was on one. Taking the ice against grand rapids for the section finals and it's win or go home.

  • A Life Lived Off the Grid

    A Life Lived Off the Grid

    Looking at a person who lived by her own rules, away from the frills of modern convenience.

  • Special Report: Living Deaf Part 2

    Special Report Living Deaf Part 2

    There are many people around the area who are deaf or hard of hearing.  It's a Northland culture that thrives in silence. 

  • Fox 21 Special Report: Inside The FBI

    Nestled off First Street in Duluth. You will find an office staffed by the FBI. 

  • Special Report: Living Deaf Part 1

    Special Report Living Deaf Part 1

    Some of us never think twice when we hear the dreadful alarm blare, forcing us out of bed or the smoke detector sound off for a fire.  But there are many individuals around the region thriving without these sounds. 

  • Tiny Towns Part 2: La Pointe

    (img1)Tiny Towns Part 2: La Pointe (1)

    The Northland is made up of all kinds of cities - Big and small.  Though La Pointe has only about 250 residents, it is a popular destination for tourists.

  • Tiny Towns Part 1: Biwabik

    Tiny Towns Part 1 Biwabik

    Located near the Superior National Forest and the Boundary Waters canoe Area, Biwabik is surrounded by natural beauty and has a mountain town feel. 

  • Special Report: Investigating Energy Drinks

    Investigating Energy Drinks

    Drinking strong coffee or a caffeinated soda used to be the most popular ways to get a quick energy boost. That all started changing about 15 years ago when the most well known energy drinks started appearing on U.S. markets. Now energy drinks is a multi–billion dollar industry.

  • Special Report: Road Warriors Part 2

    Road Warriors 2

    In a special report, FOX 21's Natalie Froistad talks with a trucker at Halvor Lines about his lifestyle change.

  • Halvor Lines Truckers Benefit from Health & Wellness Program

    Road Warriors 1

    Truckers at Halvor Lines are taking advantage of a health and wellness program. 

  • Saving Lives Part 2: Heart Doctor, Elderly Patient

    (img1)vidSaving Lives Part 2 Heart Doctor

    In part two of a special report – “Saving Lives” – FOX 21’s Dan Hanger introduces you to a one-of-a-kind heart doctor in Duluth that recently took a chance on a 102-year-old man.

  • Saving Lives Part 1: Pediatric Oncologist

    Saving Lives Part 1 Pediatric Oncologist

    In part one of a special report, FOX 21's Dan, Hanger introduces you to a top pediatric cancer doctor at Essentia Health St. Mary’s Medical Center who is very aware that death is part of the job – but he says providing comfort outweighs it all.

  • Warmer Waters In The Pacific Will Impact Our Winter

    El Nino part 1

    El Nino is nothing new to the meteorological world. Every four to five years, it makes its return, impacting weather patterns all across the world. But as we get closer to winter, many Northlanders are wondering what kind of winter we can expect this time around.

  • First Half of November is Second Warmest on Record.

    El Nino In The Northland Part Two

    Through the first half of November, the average temperature for Duluth has been the second warmest on record. While we have cooled off to more seasonable values, lately snow cover is still lacking. Northland businesses are feeling the impact because of this, some for the better, others, for worse.

  • Hockey Stick Symbol of Town's History

    Eveleth Hockey Stick

    Largest Free-Stading Hockey Stick Represents Town's Impressive History.

  • Paul Bunyan Lives On In Bemidji

    Paul Bunyan Sweeps

    Some things have changed, Midway Road is now Paul Bunyan Drive and the city is no longer dependant on logging as its main industry.

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