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Preparations Underway for Hmong New Year

Preparations Underway for Hmong New Year

The Hmong New Year is just about here and many volunteers in Duluth are preparing a feast for the annual event.

Duluth Hosts First Winter Village

Duluth Winter Village Encourages Buying Local

Happening this weekend, the first ever Duluth Winter Village will be giving Northlanders the chance to celebrate local businesses during the holiday season.

Fourth Annual Julebyen Festival Happening this Weekend

Fourth Annual Julebyen Festival to Attract Thousands

If you plan on decking the halls or doing some of your holiday shopping this weekend, you might want to reschedule your plans.

Holiday Hosting Tips

Helpful Holiday Hosting Tips

Mary Carlson, Owner of Pure Event Planning and Design located in Duluth visited FOX 21 Local News Thursday morning to offer some holiday hosting tips.

Record-Setting Year For Gobble Gallop

Gobble Gallop Makes Way Through Downtown Duluth

Thanksgiving night, many of you are most likely curled up, still in a food coma, or just about ready to grab another plate, but before everything started to heat up Thursday, thousands of Northlanders lined up along London Road in Duluth.

Cooking Connection Turducken

Cooking a Turducken for the Holidays

On Thanksgiving Day most put the traditional turkey on the table, but some are taking dinner to another level.

Thanksgiving Safety for Your Pets

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Pets

It can be difficult to keep pets from participating in holiday traditions, but local veterinarians are reminding the Northland to keep those turkeys and all the trimmings away from your animals.

Grocery Stores Busy for Thanksgiving

Local grocery stores are about twice as busy as normal with last minute Thanksgiving shoppers

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