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Fur Ball

Animal Allies fundraiser gala held tonight at Northland Country Club

The 15th annual fur ball gala took place tonight to raise money for Animal Allies

Increase of Ticks in the Northland

Tick Season Continues in the Northern Region

There are nearly 850 species of ticks, some which are capable of transmitting diseases such as Lyme Disease.

Beargrease Has New Starting Location

The Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon will start in a new location

The Beargrease will now begin at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Two Harbors.

Animal Answers Pet Foster Care

Animal Answers: Pet Foster Care

Northlanders have a new option to get involved in the community and provide foster care in the area; animal foster care.

Animal Answers Pet Allergies

Animal Ansers: Pet Allergies This Fall

The Northland is currently seeing a second seasonal dose of sniffles and sneezing across the Northland.

“This is an inherited problem that dogs get, and cats. It’s caused by an overactive immune response,” Mike Overend, D.V.M. at Lake County Veterinary Clinics said.

“Habitattitude Surrender” Your Unwanted Fishy Friends

Things will be getting pretty fishy at Animal Allies in Duluth this Saturday, September 24.

Animal Answers Matilda s Dog Bakery

Healthy Munchin' at Matilda's Dog Bakery

You could say it all began with a little pinch of love, sprinkled with a tinch of curiosity.

The Grooming Shack

Dirty Dogs Head to The Grooming Shack

The dog days of summer are quickly beginning to slip away, as the Northland prepares once again for chilly temps and frosty flakes to fly.

There are currently no severe weather alerts.

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