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Animal Answers Sponsor a Pet at Friends of Animals

Animal Answers: Ornament Fundraiser at Friends of Animals

With only 18 days to go before Christmas arrives, many are busy shopping. We’re checking out a special way to support pets this season in this week’s Animal Answers.

Coffee Conversation Horse Trails

Coffee Conversation: Horse Trail Fundraising

It’s going to take numerous truckloads of fill and a large volunteer effort, but local horse riders are determined to reopen the Magney-Snively trails on Spirit Mountain to horse riding once again.

Winter Pet Care Tips

Animal Answer: Winter Pet Care

Mild temperatures are blanketing the Northland this fall, but it isn’t stopping many Northlanders from preparing for the frigid cold ahead of time.

Dog Parks

Dog Park Attendance Numbers

Volunteers counted 170 visitors at Keene Creek Dog Park and Jean Duluth Dog Park on September 20th.

Thanksgiving Safety for Your Pets

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Pets

It can be difficult to keep pets from participating in holiday traditions, but local veterinarians are reminding the Northland to keep those turkeys and all the trimmings away from your animals.

Animal Answers: Winter Worries for our Furry Friends

For humans, one of the biggest winter hazards can be driving. For pets, winter worries can include serious situations, aside from turkey scraps, and too many sweets.

Love a Pet Event

Animal Allies Love-A-Pet Event

Santa pictures with pets, micro-chipping and animal registration, and discounted adoption rates were all available

Animal Allies

Give to the Max & Adopt a Pet

Today is Give to the Max Day!

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