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“Habitattitude Surrender” Your Unwanted Fishy Friends

Things will be getting pretty fishy at Animal Allies in Duluth this Saturday, September 24.

Animal Answers Matilda s Dog Bakery

Healthy Munchin' at Matilda's Dog Bakery

You could say it all began with a little pinch of love, sprinkled with a tinch of curiosity.

The Grooming Shack

Dirty Dogs Head to The Grooming Shack

The dog days of summer are quickly beginning to slip away, as the Northland prepares once again for chilly temps and frosty flakes to fly.

Friends of Animals Humane Society

Donating to Friends of Animals Humane Society

It can be a constant struggle to keep the to-do list shortened up, for many local humane shelters, the hope that funds keep coming in through donations is always on the mind.

East End Dog Park Opens

East End Dog Park Now Officially Open

In case you haven’t heard yet, August 26 is officially National Dog Day across the United States!

Animal Answers Tall Ships Animals

Animal Answers: Keeping Dogs Calm at Tall Ships Festival

With the much anticipated Tall Ships Festival kicking off Thursday, we wanted to know if it’s better to take your pups with, or more beneficial to leave them at home.

Animal Answers Wildwoods

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Continues to Grow

When you hear “call of the wild,” a trip to the Lake Superior Zoo might come to mind. For many in the Northland, we interact with wildlife at some point in our lives. But what happens when that interaction becomes a lifesaving action?

Animal Answers Canal Bark

Exploring Duluth's Finest Pet Palace

It’s common for us humans to take a break from our busy work schedules, and spend a day at the spa.

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