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St Louis Co Rescue Squad Trains Over Shipwreck

St. Louis Co. Rescue Squad Trains Over Shipwreck

Conditions were just right for the St. Louis County Rescue Squad to train in on top of the line equipment Thursday.

Superior Union Workers Localize Right to Work Protests

Superior Union Supporters Localize 'Right to Work' Protests

Things are heating up in Superior while union workers protest against Wisconsin’s Right to Work bill.

Winter Tradition Kicks off on St. Croix Lake

It was a day of hook, line and sinker for Solon Springs Elementary students.

New E-Cigarette Bill Would Regulate E-Cigs and Restrict Indoor Use

Legislation has been introduced that would ban the use of electronic cigarettes indoors statewide.

Waterfront Resort Gets Approval to Start Construction

The 4 year quest to redevelop Duluth's Waterfront is making headway as construction has officially started for the Pier B Hotel Project.

Largest Recreational & Forest Land Acquisition in State History Approved in Northern WI

The state Department of Natural Resources' board has approved spending nearly $2 million to acquire an easement for about 21,000 acres in northern Wisconsin.

Hospitals Report Fewer Deaths but More Errors

An annual report on patient safety shows more errors but fewer deaths in Minnesota hospitals in the past year.

10 Hour Hearing Set for WI Right to Work Bill

The Wisconsin state Assembly's Labor Committee has scheduled a 10-hour hearing on Monday on the right-to-work bill that's rocketing through the Legislature.

Hanger Hits The Road Moose Lake

Hanger Hits The Road: Moose Lake

In this edition of Hanger Hits the Road, we check out Moose Lake, where it’s got a world-record title besides its world class lakes, as FOX 21’s Dan Hanger reports.

Duluth Elementary School Celebrates Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, Malaak Shabazz, the daughter of human rights activist Malcolm X, paid a visit to Duluth Wednesday.

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