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Update: Lakeville Family Found Safe

The Lakeville Police Department is look for assistance in locating a family of four who haven't been seen since Thursday and who also have ties to the Proctor area.

Train Derailment Causes Chemical Leak

A train has derailed in the Town of Superior and authorities are working to clean a flammable chemical leak.

LED Concerns

LED Light Concerns In Duluth

The city of Duluth has thrived with tourism and the money it draws from those coming to visit from out of town

Some of that money is being spent on very bright four thousand kelvin led light bulbs to light the city streets and business districts.

All though its seems like a money saving idea, some are saying the lights are just too bright.

Knowing Your Neighbors Toy Galaxy

Knowing Your Neighbors: Toy Galaxy

Some of us have had that feeling where we found out our moms or dads threw out some of our old toys. A new store in Duluth will not only take many down memory lane, but let them relive some of those childhood memories in a galaxy that's close to home.

Council Approves Lake Superior Zoo Funding

Council Approves Lake Superior Zoo Funding

The Duluth City Council approved to give the Lake Superior Zoo a $200,000 subsidy and an extension on their line of credit.

Duluth Treatment Court Receives 975 000 Dollar Grant

Sixth District Treatment Courts Receive Grant

The 975,000 dollar grant runs over three years.

Synthetic Life Research at the University of Minnesota

A University of Minnesota lab is working to use simplified versions of cells to study dangerous diseases in detail, test new drugs or even define life on other planets.

Man-made molecules that mimic cells but aren't alive could be used to study illnesses that kill natural life, according to the Minnesota Daily (

Genetics, cell biology and development assistant professor Kate…

Hunter Finds Minnesota Girl Lost in Field

A pheasant hunter is credited with finding a child with autism after she went missing Saturday, October 22, in central Minnesota for about three hours.

Fatal Rollover Due to Driver Holding Phone, Not Wheel

Wisconsin authorities say a Minnesota woman had both hands on her cellphone and apparently none on her steering wheel when she lost control of her car and sent the vehicle behind her into a deadly rollover.

Rochester Police Chief Praises Officer that Killed Assault Suspect

Rochester Police Chief Roger Peterson is praising one of his officers who shot and killed a domestic assault suspect.

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