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Aggressive Treatment Happening on Turtle Lake

Starry stonewort are grass-like algae that can produce dense mats, which could interfere with use of the lake and choke out native plant species.

Lake Superior Beach Advisories

As of 8/26/2016, the Minnesota Department of Health has reported advisories for the following beaches. These advisories recommend no water contact due to elevated levels of E. coli bacteria identified from samples collected and tested.

Dayton Orders Steps to Protect Bees and Other Pollinators

Gov. Mark Dayton has issued an executive order restricting uses of neonicotinoid pesticides to reverse the decline of bee and other pollinator populations.

Active Adventures Tall Ships Kayaking

Floating through the Tall Ships

For this week's Active Adventures, FOX 21's William Seay went kayaking through the Tall Ships with Day Tripper of Duluth.

Update On Superior Dog Park

Plans for Superior Dog Park Taking Shape

Superior is now one step closer to getting a dog park, but it may still be awhile until you're able to take your four-legged friends there.

(img1)Guns and Hoses Game About More Than Just Winning

Northern Lights Foundation Raises Money Through Rivalry

9th Annual Guns and Hoses Softball game continues to be played for a good cause.

Stand Behind our Heroes

Community Members Stand Behind Our Heroes

Duluth community members come together to show that they stand behind our heroes, and to shine a positive light on Police officers.

EPA and US Steel Propose Sediment Cleanup Remedy for Duluth

EPA and US Steel Propose Sediment Cleanup Remedy for Duluth Works Site

The EPA and US Steel have come up with a proposed cleanup of the former Duluth Works site that could cost $70 million. The EPA will take public comment on the proposal until September 25th.

Homeowners Near State Fair Rent Parking Spaces

Renting Out Yards to Fair-Goers

One thing most fair-goers will tell you, parking can be tough to come by near the state fairgrounds.

Minnesota State Fair Kicks Off

Minnesota State Fair Kicks Off

Food on a stick is now taking over the state.

There are currently no severe weather alerts.

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