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(img1)vidYoung At Heart Part 1

Young At Heart: 101-Year-Old Miller LaJoy

One thing is clear about life: There's birth and then there's death. Some fear the end result. Some leave us way too soon.  But then, there's the unthinkables who live to be 100 years old and don't show any signs of stopping. So, what's the secret to staying young at heart? FOX 21’s Dan Hanger explored that answer in a special report through the eyes of a longtime Northlander, Millard LaJoy.

New Proposal Would Eliminate 'Snow Days'

In Minnesota, winter's arrival brings threats of snow days, and some districts plan to overcome cancelled school with "virtual school days."

Giving Felons a Second Chance

Duluth Advocates Want Voting Rights For Felons

It’s a controversial topic -- whether felons serving the rest of their sentence out of jail should be given the same rights as law-abiding citizens.

Cutest Dog Contest Will Warm Your Heart

Cutest Dog Contest

The official Beargrease may be over, but it was still in full-swing at the Chris Jensen Rehabilitation Center.

Protecting the North Shore Forest

Environmentalists Work to Protect Forest

Environmental community members gathered in Two Harbors Thursday evening to discuss restoring vegetation along the North Shore Forest.

Duluth Adopts New Domestic Violence Policy

The City of Duluth joined six criminal justice agencies in the announcement of a new domestic violence policy.

Man Wanted Who Drove Car Off Skyline Parkway

Duluth Police believe they now know who stole a car that went plunging off of Skyline Parkway in November.

Judge Sets Deadline for Priest Abuse Case

A judge has given the Dioceses of New Ulm and Duluth until Feb. 17 to turn over documents pertaining to alleged clergy sex abuse dating back to 1949.

Man Dies After Hitting Plow

A 19–year–old Brookston man is dead after a crash involving a plow near Floodwood.

(img1)vidSpecial Report Preview Young At Heart

Special Report Preview: Young At Heart

In a FOX 21 special report, FOX 21's Dan Hanger finds out what's the secret behind living a long life.

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