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Blizzard Tour Breaks Record, Raises $895K

The Blackwoods Blizzard Tour shattered records this year, raising $895 thousand dollars for the ALS Association and finding a cure. 

Man Charged after Bomb-Making Materials Found at Washburn County Home

A 48-year-old man has been charged after police found explosive components in a home in Washburn County on Tuesday. 

Douglas County District Attorney Announces Re-Election Run

Douglas County District Attorney Dan Blank has officially announced he will run for re-election this year. 

X-Games Champion Talks New Snowmobile Race

X-Games Champion Talks New Snowmobile Race

A new snowmobile race is coming to Minnesota. Red Bull Snow Boundaries is the first snowmobile race of its kind. 

Energy Drinks Special Report

Energy drinks are made with ingredients like caffeine and taurine, that can give you a perceived feeling of energy.

Redbull, Monster and Rockstar. These drinks have become a go–to for consumers looking to get a quick boost of energy, but should you be concerned about the ingredients inside these cans?

Walker Sits Down with Fox 21

Governor Walker Sits Down with Fox 21

Governor Scott Walker discussed everything from working with those across the political aisle to working with individual city officials and with those across state lines in an interview with FOX 21 in Barron.

Investigating Energy Drinks

Special Report: Investigating Energy Drinks

Drinking strong coffee or a caffeinated soda used to be the most popular ways to get a quick energy boost. That all started changing about 15 years ago when the most well known energy drinks started appearing on U.S. markets. Now energy drinks is a multi–billion dollar industry.

Trump, Sanders take New Hampshire Primary

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders have won a critical primary in New Hampshire. 

crash update

Car Flipped on Railroad Tracks Removed

A car accident left a vehicle upside down on the railroad tracks.

Bent Paddle Brewing Co. Expands to Hinckley

One Duluth craft brewery has expanded to a casino bar in Hinckley. 

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