Barker’s Island was buzzing with teams of paddlers, preparing to take part in a fast growing water sport, Dragon Boat Racing.

Teams of twenty hop in to dragon shaped boats to race for Gold

"It’s a real neat team building thing because it takes twenty people to kind of be in sync," said Scott Soderberg, past Dragon Boat Co-Chair.

The exciting event brings people from all over the world. Legends in Our own Minds is one team that had many people travel from abroad.

"There’s seven of us from Edmonton, one from Ireland, and one from Germany," said Casey McDonald a Paddler from Legends in Our Own Mind.

"We raise funds by sponsors, by participation of teams and their entry fees, and we make a little money on the beer tent too, and all that money goes back in to the community," said Soderberg.

The event has gone on for 15 years, and has raised almost a million dollars for twin ports Rotary clubs

"It’s a great way to contribute, and you know what, you get a little something out of it, you get to have fun for a weekend," said Soderberg.