DULUTH, Minn -

The Emerald Ash Borer was first discovered in the United States in 2002. Since then containing the beetle in areas with dense populations of ash trees has been an on going struggle.

The pest was first located in Duluth on Park Point last fall. This latest find has the clock ticking again as experts work to stop the spread before more trees are infected.

Levy Tree Care owner Louise Levy says, "So this insect, just like the Bronze Birch Borer, kills trees from the top down. It disrupts the water and nutrient flow from the roots up to the top of the tree."

Levy found signs of Emerald Ash Borer while trimming an ash tree in Sandy Roggenkamp's yard.

Levy explains, "I saw some swelling of the bark fairly low down. Some cracking and puffing, and I picked away at that and saw the typical S shaped larval galleries that the EAB larva makes"

Roggenkamp says, "I sort of thought that it could be a remote possibility. I thought it was maybe some other distress that the tree was having."

Pictures and samples were inspected by a federal lab,Tuesday they got the confirmation of EAB.

Roggenkamp comments, "My biggest concern was if it's in my tree then where else is it?"

The county quickly quarantined the surrounding area to slow the spread. Levy says it's better to have a smaller quarantined area versus an entire county.

Levy explains, "That would mean that ash wood could be transported within the entire county there by opening up the possibility for a lot more legal transport of infected ash wood."

However, Just because a tree is infected with EAB doesn't mean it has to be removed.

Levy says, "I like to make the comparison to a human disease such as kidney problems or failure. Where you have to have to have kidney dialysis in order to remain healthy and with the procedure you can live a fairly normal life."

Roggenkamp adds, "I want to save the tree. I only have 3 mature trees on my property, so i want to save it."

The emergency quarantine is in place for the southeastern part of St.Louis County and restricts the movement of ash material and firewood from the area. The map of the quarantine area is avalible on our website www.fox21online.com.