DULUTH, Minn. -

Starting Monday, August 29, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), will be putting into effect new rules known as part of 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. These regulations require drone operators to possess a manned aircraft pilots license and to stay more than 500 feet from people, buildings, and vehicles.

Failure to comply with the new regulations will result in fines around $1,100 per violation. These new rules mean that even if you are a hobby flyer or commercial operator you will need to hold an FAA certification.

Northern Drone WorX, a commercial unmanned aircraft systems operator based out of Duluth, is eager to educate new potential drone pilots.

Ground Courses will be offered through Northern Drone WorX to teach new drone pilots about airspace, safety, and drone regulations. Courses will prepare the individuals taking the written examination allowing them to receive an FAA small unmanned aircraft system pilots license.