For the entire night, volunteers in Superior are feeding those without homes.

A Night Without a Home, now in its 10th year, goes on for 24 hours from noon on Saturday to noon on Sunday.

Volunteers stay the entire night and feed anyone who needs a meal. They also accept funds, food, and clothes donations to help homeless people in the Superior area.

"Our homeless population isn't in our churches. They're often somewhat invisible because nobody really wants to admit they're homeless, so it fives us an opportunity to bring our community together and our business community together with those who are less fortunate than us," says A Night Without a Home organizer Tom Wondolkowski.

The event raises awareness of local homelessness, which is often unseen. Organizers say anyone unable to sustain a stable living environment can be considered homeless and that we need to work together to prevent those situations from happening.

"If we can address some of the issues that are causing homelessness ahead of the game, do some more prevention and some more awareness, then I think we can bring about a better community overall," says Reverend Barb Certa-Werner, Executive Director of Harbor House Crisis Center.

A Night Without a Home continues all night long. Anyone interested in volunteering or donating can stop by the event at the corner of Belknap and Tower in Superior.