DULUTH, Minn. -

It's a trend Duluth has experienced for about 10 years, students leaving the district.

This year the number of students attending school is down 19 percent from 2006. School board member Art Johnston believes part of the reason is communication.

“We're not responsive enough to parents, so parents take kids out to other schools,” said Art Johnston. “It mainly deals with administration and their relationship to the community, that's why we're losing students.”

The enrollment isn't just a reflection of how the community feels about the district; it also reflects how much money will be going into the school system itself.

The district gets about $11,000 per year per student from Minnesota, another $4,000 from local and federal sources.

Its money on the line Johnston says Superintendent Bill Gronseth should play a big part in turning around.

Johnston says the school district has much to work on in the future.

“We have to keep enrollment up, have to be more competitive and attract parents and classes,” said Gronseth.