DULUTH, Minn. -

On Thursday cops and firemen put on a new uniform, to battle it out on the softball field. It was the 9th Annual Northern Lights Foundation Guns and Hoses event.

Every year the foundation puts on a guns versus hoses softball game to raise money for families who have children with life threatening illness' and when the two teams take the field they aren't just playing for bragging rights.

"Through the last nine years we've given grants out to between 130 and 140 different families, said Ken Turner, founder and president of the Northern Lights Foundation.

The event is for the families, but things still get serious.

"The police and firemen have a good time but they do get competitive. The police have won eight out of the nine years now," said Turner.

Winning is nice, but they don't forget what they are playing for.

"The downside for the fire department is we basically lose every year as far as the softball game but we beat the police officers in fundraising so we kind of put that in our back pocket," said Dan Fuentes.

This year the Hoses took the win for the first time.