SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -

Brock Turner has left jail with a parting gift of sorts -- a large packet of hate mail, given to him today by authorities in California's Santa Clara County.

Turner is the former Stanford University swimmer who was sentenced to six months behind bars for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman at the school. He was released today after serving just half his term -- which is typical for California inmates with good behavior.

The outrage over a sentence that was seen as too lenient prompted California lawmakers to pass a tougher sexual assault law.

Turner didn't acknowledge the reporters who were gathered for his release. He plans to live with his parents in Ohio.

Sheriff Laurie Smith says Turner was held in ``protective custody'' during his incarceration, but that her department didn't receive any credible threats. She adds, ``There was a lot of hate.''

Following the backlash over the sentence and a push for his recall, the judge in the case voluntarily removed himself from hearing criminal cases, starting next week.