Today was the first day for classes at University of Wisconsin-Superior, and campus was buzzing with students.

At the Yellow Jacket Union on campus, we found Cru – a religious community on campus – welcoming students back for the new school year.

Members say the first day can be a stressful time, especially for new students.

They know how important it is for students to find a group to belong to.

“If you’re part of a group you’re more likely to have fun and engage in other things and have so many great experiences that you by yourself wouldn’t be able to do,” said Cru Vice President Zach Parsons.

Parsons said joining Cru was a big part of not feeling so alone when he first started school a year ago.

“When I started going to Cru meetings, they welcomed me and just accepted me,” he said. “And I feel they’re a part of a family with me now.”