ASHLAND, Wisc. -

A Manitowoc man who was wanted by Wisconsin law enforcement after missing an appointment with his parole officer, and had a history of attempted homicide, has been arrested in Brown County.

Eric Schuette, 45, of Manitowoc, had a history of attempted homicide after he stabbed a Manitowoc Police Officer in the neck after the officer tried stopping Eric for suspicious behavior. The officer survived the attack.

Schuette said the voices in his head told him to do it, he was convicted of the crime and released in April 2016 when a judge deemed him no longer a danger.

The past month, his probation agent noticed a change in his behavior, he seemed to be paranoid, and has become increasingly argumentative with his agent.

He was given permission to travel to Superior, WI from September 10-20, on Sept. 20, he called his agent and told him that he could not come home on the roads because traffic is too heavy.

A state wide alert was issued due to his previous homicide attempt, deteriorating health, history of weapon possession, and his last known location being 300 miles away from home.