CARLTON, Minn. -

Hundreds lined the streets of Cloquet for the annual Labor Day Parade.

"There’s a great crowd, it’s great fun, it’s real festive it’s fun to be here," said U.S. Congressman Rick Nolan.

It’s a day to celebrate the labor movement, and the social and economic achievements of workers in America.

"It wasn’t that long ago where people were working for 5 cents an hour, working 12, 14,16 horus a day, 7 days a week, in terrible despicable working conditions," said Nolan.

And while labor unions initially drove the creation of the holiday, it has become a day for people of different backgrounds, political beliefs, and job titles to all enjoy together

"We’re a working country, people need to do work, need to have a job, and feel proud when they do a good job, and today is a great day to honor that," said Boni Bieniek, a registered republican.

It wasn’t just the parade. Other events are also going on to celebrate labor day Cloquet to celebrate Labor Day.

"Community picnic, immediately following the parade at the Cloquet labor temple, we have a car show, and a carnival over at pine Hurst park," said  Tamara Jones, president of the Carlton County Central Labor Body.

But even with all the fun, many people believe it is important to remember the spirit of the holiday