DULUTH, Minn. -

Duluth unveiled four new throw ring stations which they're calling another tool in the toolbox to help save lives.

The four new rescue kits contain signs of their location, a throw ring, and a rope.

Officials urge the public to get to know where the throw rings are located on the beach before going into the water, to call 911 if a swimmer is in distress, and to stay on shore when doing a rescue, so that the possible rescuer doesn't become a victim.

"It allows people that maybe in distress, it gives them a chance before emergency services arrive to get them out of the water," said  Brent Consie with the Duluth Fire Department.

The kits are located at 700 S. Lake Avenue, the Tot Lot, the Lafayette Community Center, and at the Park Point Beach House.

Officials say these kits are needed because many time the beach has no lifeguards on duty.

"We wanted to give people good equipment to use to try to help people that are in danger in the water," said Jesse Schomberg, an extension educator with the University of Minnesota Seagrant Program.

Officials also credit rip current education and other tools for the continued safety on the shores.