ELY, Minn. -

Pillow Rock is a giant rock moved by a glacier and left behind when that glacier melted a very long time ago.

There are only two rocks like it in the world, one in Russia and one in Ely.

A proposal has been in the works to move Pillow Rock somewhere more accessible than its current spot on main street but opposition to that idea has been growing lately.

Cindy Beans, a Chamber of Commerce Director in Ely, said "It has seen more activity in the last few months than in the last couple years."

The current proposal before the Ely City Council is to move Pillow Rock to the North American Bear Center.

The main goal is to make it easier for tourists to find.

The city would still own the rock and private donations would fund the move.

Mark Palser is the CEO of nearby Northwoods Adventures and he's among those in town concerned about the plan to relocate the rock.

Palser said, "I disagree, it is going to cost a lot of money. Wherever you move it you lose where it was naturally done."

City leaders initially voted to move the rock but now, they are planning an additional public meeting to give people another chance to voice their opinions.

Palser said, "I mean nature put it there thousands of years ago."

At this time, no final decisions have been made about Pillow Rock's future.