DULUTH, Minn. -

The EPA along with US Steel have proposed a seventy million dollar cleanup of the former Duluth Works site near Morgan Park.

The area has been labeled as one of the most contaminated areas along the St. Louis River.

Officials have said some of the discharged materials pose a risk to humans and the ecosystem.

The US Steel Duluth Works site saw its heyday of activity during both World Wars and the 1950's. But now, it's contaminated.

"It's one of the most contaminated sediment sites in the St. Louis River area of concern. There are some human health risks as well as ecological risks at the site," said EPA project manager Scott Cieniawski.

Cost for cleanup of the contamination will be split between EPA and US Steel. The EPA will cover thirty million dollars.

"We want to make sure the other stakeholders, the public, the citizens agree with that as well as learn from what we need to address during the design phase of the work," said Cieniawski.

Both US Steel and the EPA have worked together for five years to come up with a solution which includes dredging, containment facilities, and protective caps.

"It's a combined dredging and capping remedy with on site disposal," said Cieniawski.

The plant closed in 1979 and many have been waiting a long time for this work to begin.

"Yes, people are very interested in moving this site along and moving it to the final cleanup," said Cieniawski.

Work could begin as early as 2018. The EPA will take public comment on the proposal until September 25th.