Fishermen and women have a few more weeks to cast their lines in the water, but the summer boating season is quickly coming to an end.

Owner of Vermillion Houseboats, Chuck Bystrom says the boating season typically gets underway around May 15, and wraps up near the end of September.

"Summer has been great; it's been an excellent season. House boating seems to just keep going up and up every year. It's just been a really good year for us,” Bystrom said.

During the Labor Day weekend, houseboats were completely filled up, but now boaters will start to dwindle over the next few weeks as temperatures continue to drop.

The folks over at Vermillion Houseboats are still taking reservations for future stays.

"This way you take the cabin with you, you get to see more of the lake, you know you have your fishing boat right alongside the houseboat you're right there,” Bystrom said.

Vermillion Houseboats has been around since the 1960’s.

Thankfully no severe weather damage was reported on Lake Vermillion this summer.