ST. PAUL, Minn. -

One thing most fair-goers will tell you, parking can be tough to come by near the state fairgrounds.

Some folks who arrived after the gates opened told us they drove around for more than 30 minutes looking for a spot!

So it’s no surprise that you’ll see homeowners in nearby neighborhoods, holding signs inviting you to park in their yards.

The closer you get to the fair, the more it costs; the folks we spoke to are charging twenty dollars a spot.

Some of those renting out their yards have been doing it for years on end.

“In general it’s fun,” said Brian Palmer, who has been renting out parking at his house for 35 seasons now. “Hanging out with the neighbors, meeting people. I’m kind of a talker, so I enjoy the whole thing. It’s fun.”

Just in case you’re wondering, the city of St. Paul does allow this kind of parking during fair season.

And the homeowners pay taxes on the money they bring in.

“They work with us, we work with them,” Palmer said. “I think it’s a fair deal.”