Food on a stick is now taking over the state.

The Minnesota State Fair started Thursday.

Devoted fair-goers entered the gates right at 6 a.m. to try out classic and new fair foods.

"You come to the state fair, what do you get? You gotta get a Pronto Pup." said Lee Schmelz.

Schmelz grew up in Minnesota and now lives in Florida. He makes the trip to the Minnesota State fair every year to eat a Pronto Pup.

"They have corn dogs down there, but they don't have Pronto Pups," Schmelz said.

It's not just the perfect pups keeping bellies full.

"We always get poutine and then we'll come out here for my little brothers to play games," said 15-year-old Cheyenne Cox from East Bethel, Minnesota.

But, the state fair isn't all about fun and games, for some it's about hard work, education and family tradition.

4-H member Morgan Paulson is a third generation dairy farmer.

She says her favorite part of the fair is teaching animal barn visitors about her passion.

"I love talking to people. That's one of my favorite things to do is having people come through the barns and getting to educate them," said Paulson.

Another 4-H member, Clay Carlson, says the fair is all about hard work,"we get here and the girls usually take the animals out to wash and then the guys start bedding the animals and cleaning out all the manure from overnight."

These agricultural advocates know this specialty is all about teamwork.

"You bring your own animal every year, but everybody kind of works together to make everything go smoothly," explained Carlson.

The Minnesota State Fair runs through Labor Day.

Friday the fair will "Unite in Purple" for music icon Prince.

For more information on the hours and all that's happening at the fair, head to mnstatefair.org.