DULUTH, Minn. -

Hundreds of Non Profit Organizations are in Duluth for the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Annual Conference. The meeting addresses issues that impact the non-profit sector.

The Conference is the largest gathering of non-profit organizations in Minnesota, and is held in St. Paul, Rochester, or Duluth each year.

The non-profit sector makes up around 11 percent of Minnesota’s Workforce, and continues to grow. The conference was held to help strengthen organizations and give them ideas on how to better serve communities in Minnesota.

"There’s really a world-wide consensus, that the world needs more of what these organizations do from healthcare to education, human services, environment," said Jon Pratt, the Executive Director of Minnesota Council of Non-Profits.

The conference included Duluth non-profit tours, and workshop sessions addressing politics and racial equity.

Native American activist and environmentalist Winona LaDuke was the keynote speaker of the event.