PROCTOR, Minn. -

It's time to wave the checkered flag at the Proctor Speedway for the racing season has hit the brakes.

The 44th annual Silver 1000 closed out the series in Proctor.

Drivers from around the Northland and even Canada sped around the track and raced not only for a trophy and rewards, but also to celebrate the racing community.

"The drivers, all the fans, we all get along. We have a great time. It's heated at times on the track, but then we can come back from the pits and have a nice frosty Pepsi Cola and we're all good," said Dennis McCauley, Lakehead Racing Association President.

Even though the racing has stopped in Proctor, it's the first invitational of the year. Cars will next race in Grand Rapids, Hibbing, and at Amsoil Speedway.