DULUTH, Minn. -

The Board of Trade building in downtown Duluth closed to the public in July after the building’s chimney fell through the roof in a storm, but now, many businesses are moving back to their spaces.

The Exchange Deli, Bakery and Catering service, had been working in a temporary space for 5 weeks, but now, to the delight of some of their loyal customers, they’re back in their original space.

After the storm forced the building to close, the exchange temporarily moved to the medical arts building on Superior street. After operating out of the space for more than a month, the Exchange was able to move their supplies back on Monday, and open their doors to customers on Thursday.

"I was extremely fortunate to have a spot so close, only half a block away, that worked so well, but I still felt like I was working twice as hard for the same amount of work," said Mark Edwards, Owner of the Exchange.

The Exchange is hosting a reopening celebration to thank their customers for sticking around through the whole process.

The grand reopening will include, cake, and a ribbon cutting, and will take place at 1 o’clock on Thursday.