DULUTH, Minn -

Some new spirits have hit the shelves at the Vikre distillery in Duluth.

Vikre just released the third lot of their sugarbush whiskey today.

Folks were waiting at the door to get their hands on this whiskey that is known to sell out fast. Owners say that when making the whiskey, it's important to keep it local.

Emily Vikre, the Co-Founder, said "It's a really unique Minnesota whiskey. I think we're making some whiskeys that are aging longer than more traditional styles of whiskey, because, we love the traditional style, but we're also innovating out own take on whiskey."

Vikre has also recently been nominated for "best craft specialty spirits distillery" by USA Today's 2016 readers' choice awards.

It's a national competition, and they're currently in second place.

People can vote once a day. Voting ends on September 12th.