ODANAH, Wisc. -

It has now been nearly seven weeks since a major storm hit the region and even now, many families in Odanah are still without a place to live because of all the destruction left behind.

Local tribes are coming together to help these families get back into a home before winter as they work hard to restore and replace what the storm damaged.

Washed out roads have been making it hard for people to receive necessary medical care.

Many elderly residents needed to be air lifted to receive treatment ever since the storm hit and because of this, Bad River plans to get its own ambulance by October 1st to use for emergencies.

Most roads are now open again, but are far from being what they once were and work continues to find housing for those with no place to go.

Robert Blanchard, the Chairman of the Bad River Tribe, said "Some of them can't get back in their homes yet we are still trying to work that out because winter is coming so what do you do? We have to figure something out."

Not only has the tribe lost homes and infrastructure, they have lost most of their wild rice crop.

The rice harvest not only provides business, but is also a major source of food for the winter.

Blanchard said, "Wild rice is a staple food to our people. We count on it throughout the winter for our food that is our food source."

For now, the tribe continues working to repair what was damaged.

Tribal leaders tell us even in the midst of these trying times, it is amazing to see people come together.

John Prohaska, an Environmental Specialist, said "It never surprises me that during these catastrophic times that everyone works together and gets the job done."

Damage estimates from the July storm top five million dollars in the Bad River area.