DULUTH, Minn. -

Tycoon’s Alehouse in downtown Duluth is preparing to close its doors for good after five years of business on Superior Street.

But company officials (Just Take Action, or JTA) told FOX 21’s Dan Hanger Wednesday the alehouse will reopen and re-brand with a new name -- The Blind Pig Gastro Pub and Ale House.

The menu will also mostly move away from Tycoon’s and its sister restaurant, Fitger’s Brewhouse.

JTA officials say the food items will focus on homemade sandwiches and casual foods, with locally raised beef and pork.

The bread and buns will also be made from scratch on location.

Live music and new craft beers will also expand.

JTA, which owns Tycoon’s, Brewhouse, Burrito Union, Endion Station and more says the change of Tycoon’s to The Blind Pig is a way for the company to better alight with the growing Historic Arts and Theater District in downtown Duluth.

A Tycoon’s going-away party will be announced soon before closing and then reopening on October 22 as The Blind Pig.

BlindPigDuluth.com is under construction, but up live for a preview.