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Wisconsin Ballot Recount

Attempts to halt recount thwarted

A federal court in Wisconsin on Friday rejected an attempt by pro-Donald Trump groups to stop a recount of the state's presidential vote, saying there was no harm in allowing it to continue.

$1.4 billion surplus in Minnesota budget

Gov. Mark Dayton is urging financial restraint even with a $1.4 billion budget surplus.

Mills drops recount request

Republican Stewart Mills says he's dropping his request for a recount in Minnesota's 8th Congressional District.

Duluthian Headed To Standing Rock

Duluthian Heads To Standing Rock For 4th Time

Tensions remain high in Standing Rock North Dakota as law enforcement continues the need to use force against protesters. Although video showing the violence has spread across the country, that isn't keeping one north-lander from returning to the front lines for the 4th time.

Two More Superior Mayoral Candidates Emerge

Two More Superior Mayoral Candidates Emerge

Kalee Hermanson and Mike Herrick join Brent Fennessey, Jeffery Monaghan, Jim Paine, and Macaulay Torrey in the Superior mayoral race.

Governor Scott Walker Visits Ashland

Governor Walker visits Ashland to meet with mayor

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made a stop in Ashland today to meet with its mayor, as part of his listening tour session.

Friday will provide first look at Minnesota budget

It's time to start talking cash at the Minnesota Capitol.

Security bill passes U.S. Senate

A bill designed to help with border security, passed the U.S. Senate today.

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