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The start of the new work week carried the scattered rain showers from yesterday and the cloudy skies kept the Northland once again on the cooler side. Temperatures at least along the lake were warmer than yesterday in the mid-50s because of the northwest wind and compressional warming down the hillside. The center of low pressure that has influenced the Northland weather since Saturday is now over Eastern Ontario, but a front behind the low pressure is resulting in additional showers that continue to be ongoing today. There is an upper level low pressure which is over Western Ontario. This is the prime culprit causing the scattered rain showers.

Tonight temperatures will drop into the upper 30s and lower 40s with winds out of the northwest turning north overnight. Scattered rain showers will remain in the forecast tonight and carry over ingot tomorrow where a northeast wind will develop. Inland areas will warm into the mid and upper 50s but the lakeside areas are likely to remain a few degrees cooler in the upper 40s and lower 50s. The rain will end tomorrow night as high pressure will move into the area. The high pressure will be positioned in the Northern Plains so a northeast wind flow will continue across the area.

High temperatures on Wednesday are going to rise into the lower and mid 60s away from Lake Superior. Lower 50s will be observed across the lake. Temperatures will continue to moderate across the rest of the Northland through the remainder of the work week as the highs in the 60s continue in time of the Memorial Day weekend. The only nuisance we will need to monitor will be the risk for showers and thunderstorms beginning early Friday or late Thursday Night.

A slow moving upper level low pressure will be moving across Southern Canada during this time and provide instability for afternoon showers and thunderstorms. There are some discrepancies in the forecast data being this far out on the position of these showers and storms. The coverage of the storms range from being along the Borderlands, to encompassing the entire viewing area, to pushing the storms south of the area and the Northland remaining dry. Additional monitoring for the weekend forecast is needed.

-Meteorologist Gino Recchia