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Yesterday, Duluth had a high of 34 degrees.  The Northland overall had a very mild start to the work week, and today will be very much the same.  Calm winds and clear skies begin the day in northeastern Minnesota; the wind today will pick up out of the west and southwest by afternoon.  With sunny skies and southerly wind, highs today will quickly ramp up into the 20s and 30s by noon or 1pm.  Highs today will reach into the low and mid 30s across the whole region.  Addressing the strong winter weather system crossing the Northern Plains into the Great Lakes region, parts of Wisconsin have seen some light snow and light mixed precipitation since last night and could have a little more of that during parts of the day.  This will do little to change the temperature outlook, but from Hayward down to Siren to areas in between, a little sprinkle is possible as we prepare for a day with mid and upper 30s by afternoon.

The forecast looks rather benign through most of the work week.  Sunny skies are likely through Wednesday and Thursday.  Highs in that period will likely be in the mid and upper 30s, with some areas flirting with 40 by Thursday.  At this point we’re not breaking a lot of temperature records, but we are coming close.  Temperatures don’t decline by week’s end but our weather conditions do take a turn for the worse.

Clouds build in by Friday, ahead of a low pressure capable of bringing rain showers (and possibly some ice and wet snow mixed in) by the weekend.  Lows in this period will be near freezing, with highs remaining in the mid 30s.  This could create some messy road conditions if mixed precipitation indeed does fall.  It becomes a bit of a challenge to forecast, since late night low temperatures in this period do not seem to drop below 32 or 31; with very little variance in temperatures from day to night and those temperatures being so close to teetering on the freezing line, it makes for a bit of uncertainty on what to expect this weekend.  Prepare for slippery conditions through the weekend, and take your time if travel is necessary at any point.

- Meteorologist William Seay