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Happy windy and mild Wednesday Northland! The winds have been whipping 10-25mph with gusts up to 30mph at times, out of the west. As annoying as the windy conditions may be, its actually ushering in the warmer temperatures. Warmth sits out to the west and we are funneling in high temperatures today in the upper 20’s and low 30’s. We are 15-25 degrees warmer today than we were this time yesterday! Sunshine dominated the day but clouds will take over the evening. Increasing clouds from the northwest as a low pressure approaches from Canada. It will bring light snow to the Borderlands, Iron Range and the Arrowhead in the early morning hours. 0.5”-1.0” of snow may accumulate. There may also be freezing drizzle associated with this system that could create icy roads in northern Minnesota for your morning commute. Give yourself enough time in the morning to drive slow and safely. Remember if you encounter any black ice, don’t make any sudden corrections! Hold the steering wheel straight, take your foot off the accelerator and do not slam on the brakes. Correct yourself calmly! As temperatures rise above freezing tomorrow into the low and mid 30’s, ice will no longer be an issue. Cloudy skies will start the day off and sunshine will end the day. Overnight lows will drop into the 20’s and any wet roads from snow melt, will re-freeze into slick and icy spots. Each night this week keep that in mind and beware of black ice.

Temperatures continue to stay in the mid and upper 30’s through Saturday.

Sunday into Monday, a Colorado Low is taking shape and has the potential to bring significant heavy snow to the Northland. As of right now, it is setting its sights on us, with a possibility of over 6”. But we are too far away from the event to have exact snow amounts as the track of the system could shift. We will be keeping a close eye on this as we get closer and closer and our confidence grows.

-Meteorologist BRITTNEY MERLOT