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Even with high winds and a chilly start to spring, this week has been overall pretty quiet. We’ve continued to avoid the influence of any major storms, especially the several storms that have affected the Midwest in recent memory. Today’s forecast will continue that as another Midwestern storm comes very close to home (but will have a very minimal impact on our weather overall).

Today, expect a nice clear and quiet morning. We begin with clear skies and low temperatures in the teens. This was the expected outcome of just some light cloud cover to end the day yesterday. Today, we’ll continue to see sunshine through the morning, with additional clouds building by afternoon. High pressure still looms supreme up in northern Canada near the Hudson Bay. That high won’t move too much, but as it propagates slightly eastward, its influence on our local weather will be tantamount in preventing us from seeing any precipitation today (or tomorrow for that matter). A Rocky-Mountain low pressure is pushing forward today, with rain and snow affecting Montana, the Dakotas, and other areas of the Northern Plains. It’s going to get pretty slippery in areas immediately to our south and west. By later this afternoon and this evening, parts of western and southwestern Minnesota will also see some pretty moderate snowfall.

But that snow won’t affect us here in the Northland! Once again, Canadian high pressure will block that storms motion toward us, and steer it southward toward Iowa. And indeed, snowfall for Iowa looks very likely this evening and overnight tonight, as we just see partly/mostly cloudy skies tonight and tomorrow. We’ll also see a very strong wind out of the east/northeast, staying steady at around 15-20 mph through most of the latter half of the day today, remaining windy overnight and into tomorrow as well.  High temperatures today will likely reach just the low and mid-30s here near Lake Superior, with a better chance of reaching the low 40s further off the lake. None of us will see anything resembling significant precipitation, even as it seems to be at our very doorstep late in the day.

Tomorrow, we’ll continue to see mostly cloudy skies, especially in the morning. Temperatures will remain near freezing near the lake, and warm to the mid/upper 30s off the lake. Cloud cover early on will prevent us from seeing the full warming potential on Saturday. On Sunday, we’ll see quite a bit more sunshine through the day. But that steady east wind will only allow shoreline temperatures to warm to the mid-30s. Widespread highs in the 40s will be likely in all areas away from Lake Superior on Sunday.

By Monday, the dam breaks and high pressure in Canada won’t be there to save us from the next storm system. The next storm will already be forming on Sunday morning, on the leeward side of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  It marches quickly northeastward, through Wisconsin and Michigan, Sunday night and daytime Monday. This will be a very wet system, with the chance for heavy rains through the Central Plains. But as temperatures on Monday are expected to warm to the low 40s here in the Northland, what could begin as a light snow event early on will quickly become sloppy rain showers during the warmer parts of the day (past 11:00am).

The rest of next week looks considerably quieter, with warming temperatures in the mid and even upper 40s (approaching 50 on Wednesday), with fewer and fewer clouds by midweek next week.

-Meteorologist WILLIAM SEAY