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With such ever-changing weather over the past couple weeks, it's been tough to get used to a weekly forecast.  We'll continue that trend through the late week.  Today, expect mostly fair conditions across the Northland, with partly to mostly cloudy skies and just enough sunshine through the clouds to warm us up close to (or above) seasonable averages.  With a high pressure way up in Canada, wind flow will still be mostly out of the east through the afternoon.  This will keep temperatures cooler near the lake, and quite a bit cooler at that.  We'll see high temperatures today in the low/mid 50s in areas near Lake Superior this afternoon.  In places not under direct influence of the lake breeze, there is a good chance of seeing the upper 60s or even low 70s!  Rain is expected tonight, but we're watching showers and storms out to the west to see just how close they'll come to home before the sun goes down.

We'll see scattered showers late tonight, past midnight, and a few thunderstorms are possible in northeastern Minnesota tomorrow morning.  It'll stay cloudy with additional showers possible through the rest of the day on Friday as well.  Despite the added moisture, it'll still be seasonably warm, with widespread highs in the 60s.

This weekend, the holiday weekend, will get a little dicey as well.  Saturday looks like the best day of the weekend, and one of the best days we've seen in a while.  It'll be mostly to partly sunny with highs in the 60s and 70s on Saturday, but it'll get a little wet and possibly stormy on Sunday and Monday.  With the rain chances, temperatures through the latter part of the Memorial Day weekend will be a bit cooler as well, highs in the 50s and 60s.

-Meteorologist William Seay