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Temperatures were extremely warm and above average this afternoon with highs in the 50s and 60s. Duluth’s high temperature of 58 degrees is something more customer in the beginning of May versus the end of March. This significant warmth won’t last long however as clouds and cooler air off the lake will dampen this warm spell tomorrow.

Tonight clouds will increase as a storm system moves through the Central Plains and the Southern Midwest. We are not anticipating any rainfall with this system as temperatures drop into the upper 20s and lower 30s. Tomorrow winds will begin to pick up out of the northeast allowing a more pronounced lake breeze to develop. Highs tomorrow will be in the upper 30s along the immediate lakeshore and lower to mid-40s inland away from the lake. Mostly cloudy to overcast skies will persist through the day.

The northeast winds will continue through at least Saturday thanks to a dominating high pressure over Hudson Bay, deflecting all weather system away from the Northland. Temperatures will remain in the 40s and 50s through the rest of the week with a fluctuation between mostly sunny skies and mostly cloudy skies. Our average high temperatures for this time of year are in the lower 40s so expect highs to be above average.

The next possible chance of seeing any rain could be sometime on Saturday but I believe the moisture will fizzle out before reaching the Northland as dry air will still be in place. Tuesday looks more promising as this blocking pattern will break down and allow a storm to move into the area. This could be some beneficial rainfall as the Northland is ending the month dry.


- Meteorologist Gino Recchia