Yesterday in Duluth, we had a low temperature of 23 and a high at 28 degrees. This was exactly as we expected it to be; cooler near the lake, cloudy, and also quite breezy with that lake breeze gusting to 30 mph! Today will be quite similar, with cloud cover and wind. We also have a low temp in the Twin Ports in the low 20s. We’re also expecting a high temp this afternoon in the upper 20s. Overall, it’ll be a touch cooler across the whole region than yesterday, with areas off the lake today barely getting to or just slightly above freezing. Cloud cover will be consistent; the wind will be constant out of the east 10-20 mph. There is a wave of light snow coming slowly across the state of Minnesota. It will clash with some very dry air coming off our Canadian high pressure, the same high the blocked any and all storm activity from coming this far northward yesterday. It’s also the same high that’s responsible for the strong lake breeze. At best, we’re likely to see some breezy flurries, with very minor accumulations near the Brainerd area and southward toward Hinckley.  The rest of the Northland will be lucky to see anything other than a few dry flakes being tossed in the breeze.

Tonight, with mostly cloudy skies, we’ll see low temperatures well below freezing, warmer near the lake. The Twin Ports will see low temps in the middle teens. The rest of the region will see single digits and lower teens by early tomorrow morning. Our sky will clear closer to daytime tomorrow, with the chance to see low/mid 30s and a bit more sunshine. The wind will be light, but also out of the east; lakeside temps will still be a bit cooler than the rest of the region, which has a better chance of being a few ticks above freezing on Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday look to be the most comfortable days of the week. With high pressure sinking south and east, and an approaching low pressure out of the southern plains, we’ll see nice sunshine both of those end-of-week days, with warming temperatures near the 40s each afternoon. That aforementioned storm system has the chance to give us some snow Friday night into Saturday, with light mixed precipitation chances again on Sunday. It looks like we’ll miss the core of this storm, so precipitation totals look to be light and minor, if we even see anything significant at all.

-Meteorologist WILLIAM SEAY