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Weather Forecast

Several Shots of Rain This Week

A few light rain showers move through the Northland this morning associated with a weak wave of energy that came in from the Pacific Northwest. It has left a lot of cloud cover in its place but where are expected to see this cloud start to diminish overnight tonight were Monday’s forecast is actually looking pretty comfortable with sunny skies returning by the afternoon. Today’s I temperatures were much cooler than yesterday with highs in the mid and upper 40s compared to yesterday’s highs in the 50s and even the lower 60s.

It will be a cold night with temperatures dropping into the upper and mid-30s. Our overnight low temperatures will be depended on the cloud cover and how much of it will stay in place. If there are some pockets of clear skies in parts of the area, I would expect those temperatures a job into the upper 20s as winds are going to be light as well.

Tomorrow going with high temperatures in the upper 40s under mostly sunny skies. Our average high temperature for this time of year is 48° so we will be right around average. Winds will be shifting from the northwest during the majority of the day to the east and northeast by the overnight. The northeast winds will be sticking around through Tuesday and Wednesday based on the tracks of our next upcoming weather systems.

We will have a chance of rainfall Wednesday through Saturday. Not everyone in the Northland will be seeing rainfall each day but the greatest threat of seeing the heavy spring looks to be south of Highway 2 when considering each rain event. Temperatures will remain in the mid and upper 40s until Friday were we can return into the lower 50s. By the weekend temperatures cold out once again into the lower 40s and sunny sky should return by Sunday.


Weather Almanac

Average High:48°
Average Low:32°
Record High:71° in 1998
Record Low:12° in 1887
Sunrise:7:39 AM CDT
Sunset:6:04 PM CDT
Sunrise:7:38 AM CDT
Sunset:6:06 PM CDT