The Importance of Animal Adoption

DULUTH – There are many ways you can add a pet into your life… From breeders to craigslist… But adoption is one that stands out from the rest.

“Part of our mission is we do see pet overpopulation so to that end we do want to make sure all pets are spayed and neutered before they’re adopted,” Jennifer Lynx, Animal Allies Adoption Team Supervisor said.

And spaying and neutering is extremely important.

“If there’s pet overpopulation, and the animals suffer, the community suffers, there’s just suffering all around,” Lynx explained.

Animal Allies in Duluth gets animals from all over.

“We get people who just can’t take their animals anymore, they can’t take care of them anymore,” she said.

Some even come from the streets of Duluth.

“We also get strays that are just kind of wandering the streets, either they’ve been lost their whole lives or they just got lost from their owners,” Lynx said.

All animals need a home, not just the kittens and puppies but the older ones too.

“Older animals are a lot more calm typically, they don’t require as much supervision because they’re just happy to just lay by the fire play on the rug and spend their days like that and that’s perfect,” she said.

Looking for that perfect match? Animal Allies has ‘get acquainted rooms’ so you can find what you’re looking for.

“If I’m going to adopt an animal, I have an idea in my mind as to what I want that animal to look like, so that’s really easy to fall into that trap and get put together with an animal that may not be the best fit for you personality wise, so that’s a big part of the adoption counselor job here,” Lynx explained.

With the cold temps among us, these animals need a warm place to call home.

“If we didn’t have animal shelters like Animal Allies those animals wouldn’t have anywhere to go and suffering through the cold winters that we have and know too well,” she said.

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