Burst Pipe Leaves Half a Foot of Water in Duluth Skywalk

City of Duluth Responds to Downtown Disaster

Fire crews spent a good part of their night cleaning up after a pipe burst in a tunnel downtown Wednesday.

It happened in the underground skywalk that goes from the Radisson Hotel to The Depot.

John Hartwick, general manager of the Radisson Hotel, said a sprinkler system pipe broke spraying six inches of water for about 30 minutes.

The event was all too familiar to Hartwick after a massive water main break happened at the hotel in 2013.

“You sit and see the amount of water, I mean, the water was coming at a really good clip as you can imagine. My heart was pretty elevated there thinking, ‘Oh my god is this going to happen again?'” he said.

Officials don’t know exactly what caused the pipe to burst.

It should only cost a couple thousand dollars to repair, according to Hartwick.

The section of the skywalk is temporarily closed due to construction on the Maurice’s Tower. 

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