Family Dog Left for Dead, Rescued by Good Samaritan

More than two weeks ago, a family’s dog went missing for nine days.

She was hit by a car and left for dead, but someone found her just in time to save her life.
In the Swanson family’s backyard, you can usually hear the bark of a dog or two.

But these days, 5-year-old Grace can’t talk to her sheltie sister Dora because she is recovering from a long and frightening journey away from home.

“It was awful because here this poor sweet dog had been running and running and all I could think about was the terror that must have been going through her little head,” said Patty Sobczak, Grace’s owner.

Grace slipped through the fence of a friend’s yard while the Swanson’s were in Colorado visiting family.

They posted on the ‘Lost Dog’s MN’ Facebook page to zero in on the search.

“The word got out amazingly quickly almost in real time, where the dog was,” said Eric Swanson, Grace’s owner.

But no one could find or catch her.

“She was spotted at least a dozen times,” said Patty.

Then, the unthinkable happened.

“On the ninth day almost exactly is when she was hit by a car,” said Patty.

She was left for dead on Highway 53 and Skyline. The driver never stopped.

“It was devastating. But at the same time, there was this ray of hope that here she is. Finally I can hold her in my arms again,” said Patty.

She was finally able to do so after a driver passing by picked up Grace’s lifeless body and brought her to the vet.

“We assume she got hit pretty hard on the left side of her face where she had a wound on her head,” said Dr. Lisa Juten, with Duluth Veterinary Hospital.

She said Grace was unconscious with a broken pelvis and collapsed lung.

She was also blind and deaf.

“I was pretty sad, because I thought the brain injury would, we would have to put her down, but we didn’t and she’s going pretty well right now,” said Ruby Swanson, Patty’s daughter.

She and Pearl Swanson have had Grace and Dora since they were puppies.

Now the girls are smiling again as Grace miraculously recovers.

“Just to see her walk and seeing her stand, propping herself up is a big deal,” said Dr. Juten.

It will be a long journey, but support from friends and even strangers have the family looking forward.

“She wrote me and said, ‘Amazing Grace. I once was lost, and now I’m found.’ And then somebody else wrote, ‘Was blind and now I see,'” said Patty.

The good samaritan who rescued Grace wishes to remain anonymous.

The family is facing $5,000 in veterinary bills.

To help support the Swanson’s, click here.

You can also follow Grace’s journey on Facebook

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