New Businesses Give Life to Duluth’s Lakeside Neighborhood

Small Businesses Call Lakeside Home

Thanks to new mom-and-pop shops, the Lakeside neighborhood is a part of Duluth that’s on the rise.

From Duluth’s downtown, up to Woodland, and into Lakeside and Lester Park, locally owned specialty stores are finding their niche.

It’s making a big impact on city neighborhoods.

“I think we’re filling a niche that really hasn’t been done on this end of town,” said Amity Creek Café owner, Patty Chuong.

Over the past few years, small coffee shops, barbers, and bakeries have opened in Lakeside because the owners say it’s the perfect location.

The positive momentum in Duluth’s east end is something city planners never expected, but they say new businesses are always welcome.

Thanks to brave business owners, their stores are giving a new life to Lakeside.

If you drive down East Superior Street you’ll be sure to notice the small town bakery, barber, and newly renovated Calumet gas station.

Lakeside is an area of town that city officials haven’t really focused on developing, but over the past couple years specialty shops have just popped up.

The city believes it’s thanks to the unique setting and the community’s love for being outside.

“I think the bike trail, the extension of the bike trail through there people are utilizing that a lot,” said Duluth’s director of city planning, Keith Hamre. “It’s becoming more active and you’re seeing those businesses respond to that.”

The Amity Creek Café has only been open a few months and already their healthy and local food and drinks are a hit.

“We were overwhelmed with the response that we received from the community,” explained Chuong.

She thinks the unique demographic of families young and old has helped her business become successful.

“It’s right in a community where we spend a lot of time,” Chuong said. “The Lakewalk is right there, people are out doing a lot of things that we like to do.”

The hope is the unique shops become a stopping spot for people using the extended Lakewalk and bike trails.

As for future development in Lakeside, city leaders say they’re supportive, but right now are going to stand back and let it happen naturally as it has for the past few years.

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