The Year of Northern Stars

The Top Northern Stars of 2014

“They always say the most competitive games draw the most competitive kind of people and I think that’s it right there,” said Two Harbors football coach Tom Nelson.

“I expect myself to want to kick it through the two bars and that’s what I think every time before I kick. I want this and the team needs it,” Agates junior Jessie Juenemann said.

“Leadership is a hard thing to define, but you know it when you see it. He is the leader of our team,” said Barnum basketball coach Rich Newman.

“The love of the game. I love this game, I love to compete. Being raised in a sport athletic kind of family. I just love to compete go out and do my best,” said Barnum senior Brandon Newman.

“He’s the type of kid that any football player would want on their team. He does what you ask and does it to the best of his abilities,” said Wrenshall football coach Jeremy Zywicki.

“I have to prove myself still. Cuz I mean, I didn’t play last year, I didn’t prove myself then and so I guess I still have to prove myself,” Wrenshall senior Caleb O’Conner said.

“She swam one of our fastest times and broke out pool record by 21 seconds,” said Proctor swimming coach Erica Amborn.

“I want to work hard because that’s what it takes to achieve my goals,” Proctor junior Megan Mensinger said.

“She’s upset anytime she lets anything in the net, which is a good thing. That’s what you need, that competitiveness,” said Proctor/Hermantown hockey coach Glen Gilderman.

“She’s just so competitive, she’s really aggressive all the time and just does not want to lose. She’s actually unhappy when she loses which I realize everybody is but she’s going to give it everything she has and that’s why you like her,” said CSS Tennis coach Wells Patton.

“I love being on the court. it’s my passion to be out here,” CSS sophomore Jessica Solberg said.

“I’d go in the locker room getting ready for football every practice and the cross country girls and volleyball girls would be in there and be like, wait a sec, you play football? What is this?” said Moose Lake/Willow River junior Ava Sczyrbak.

“My parents always told me to follow my dreams and stuff. So I thought now’s the perfect time to just do it and to just follow what I’ve always wanted to do,” Duluth East junior Karly Johnson said.

“She works hard, she does not miss a practice, she doesn’t sit out for anything, she fits right in. The guys just love her, she loves the guys. She’s a big part of the team.” said Superior football coach Bob DeMeyer.

“I just love the game. playing and getting to hit people,” Superior sophomore Kaitlyn Glenn said.

“She’s not afraid to work and I think that’s what sets her apart. She has talent when it comes to running but she’s just going to outwork everybody,” said Esko track coach Scott Artnson

“All the hard work and everything was worth it and it was fun and it’s a memory, memories that you’re going look at for the rest of your life,” Esko senior Kailee Kiminski said.

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