Vessels Get Winter Inspection at Fraser Shipyards in Superior

Fraser Starts Winter Work on Ships

The 2014 shipping season is on its last leg and the work is just beginning for workers at Fraser Shipyards.

The company’s busiest time of they year is during the winter layup with plenty of work to be done on the vessels.

Ensuring that the vessels are ready for action when March rolls around is the company’s main job for the next 10 weeks.

The shipyard’s crew increases from 100 to 260 workers on deck.

All local construction employees brave the cold to do the annual ship maintenance because the ships are not heated.

This year, six vessels are docked between Duluth and Superior.

The 40 hour work weeks turn into 10 hour days, five days a week.

Although, there are fewer ships and the amount of work needed is making up for it.

“Here at the yard, we are specialized in piping and mechanical systems on the boat and of course the structural steel. Last year we did a little bit over one million quarter pounds of steel installed last year,” said Fraser Shipyard’s director of operations, Tom Curelli.

Each laker undergoes about $1 million worth of work during a normal winter layup.

All workers will start full force next Friday.

Things will start to slow down in April. 

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